For the men:

This App allows men to easily find women in your neighborhood for friendship, erotic massage or escort. No more searching the internet and making phone calls to find someone available right now near you. Based on the “availability” status entered you will only see the girls that are available near you appear in your search.

By selecting the girl you like in your search screen you will have the possibility to send her a message. If she is interested she will send you an accept message providing you with her telephone number with a text. Then she is all yours, you can call her and meet.

For the girls:

Instead of placing advertisements on numerous websites with only limited response you can now have an app that helps you in your business. It works in a very simple way by logging in to the app and changing your status into “available” if you are free. If in your neighborhood a man is interested in you he will see your availability and send you a message.

If you like it then you can accept and automatically your phone number and intro text will be sent to him so that he can contact you. If you don’t like it you can decline and then the client will receive a message that you are not interested. He will not be able to contact you.


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